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Monsta Island Czars is a group from New York City. The rappers in the group, such as King Geedorah aka MF DOOM, Jet Jaguar aka MF Grimm, Megalon aka Tommy Gunn, Kamackeris aka Kwite Def, King Cesar (aka X-Ray, Spiega aka Spiga, Kong aka Kongcrete, Gigan, Rodan aka Doc Morreau former of KMD, Biolante aka Kurious, take their names from movie monsters. Their first full length album, Escape from Monsta Island!, was released in 2003 by Rhymesayers Entertainment. Many of the Czars appeared on MF DOOM's album Take Me to Your Leader under his King Geedorah alias. Most M.I.C. (as they are often abbreviated) tracks are produced by X-Ray of Darc Mind) or King Ghidra. (Both of whom are absent from the MF Grimm American Hunger album. As MF DOOM is apparently feuding with M.I.C, and specifically MF Grimm, it appears doubtful that he will produce any future tracks.)

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  • Gigan King Ceasar King Geedorah Kong Kwite Def … MF Grimm Megalon Raylong Rodan Spiega Thomas N. Rollins X-Ray

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