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Mikhail Alperin (Michail Jefimowitsch Alperin; Ukrainian: Миха́йло Юхи́мович Альпе́рін, 7 November 1956 – 11 May 2018) was a Soviet-Norwegian jazz pianist, known as a key member of the Moscow Art Trio.

Alperin was born in Kamianets-Podilskyi, Ukrainian SSR and educated in Khmelnytskyi, Bălți and Chișinău. In 1980, he formed one of the first jazz ensembles in Moldavian SSR. He moved to Moscow in the 1980s and founded the Moscow Art Trio with Arkady Shilkloper and folk singer Sergey Nikolaevich Starostin. He has also worked with Huun Huur Tu. From 1993 to 2018 he lived in Oslo, Norway; he was professor of music at the Norwegian Academy of Music and he supervised pianist Helge Lien and Morten Qvenild among others. He released several works on ECM Records.
He died on 11 May 2018 at the age of 61.

An asterisk (*) indicates that the year is that of release.

Year recorded Title Label Personnel/Notes
1989 Wave of Sorrow ECM Duo, co-led with Arkady Shilkloper (French horn, jagdhorn, fluegelhorn, vocals)
1992 Folk Dreams Jaro Medien
1993 The Blue Fjords RDM Solo piano; reissued as Blue Fjord by Jaro Medien
1996* Hamburg Concert Jaro Medien
1996* Prayer Jaro Medien
1997 First Impression ECM With John Surman (soprano sax, baritone sax), Arkady Shilkloper (French horn, flugelhorn), Terje Gewelt (bass), Jon Christensen (drums), Hans-Kristian Kjos Sørensen (percussion)
1998 North Story ECM Quintet, with Arkady Shilkloper (French horn, fluegelhorn), Tore Brunborg (tenor sax), Terje Gewelt (bass), Jon Christensen (drums)
1998 At Home ECM Solo piano
1998 Night ECM Trio, with Anja Lechner (cello), Hans-Kristian Kjos Sørensen (percussion, marimba, vocals); in concert
2000* Overture/Etude Boheme
2000* Piano Boheme In concert
2000* Portrait Jaro Medien
2006 Her First Dance ECM Trio, with Arkady Shilkloper (French horn, fluegelhorn), Anja Lechner (cello)

Top Tracks
7) Vayan
8) Alone
10) Jump
13) Tiflis
14) Adagio
17) Tuesday
18) Tango
21) Etude

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