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"Mineral" could refer to at least four bands: an emo band from Austin Texas, Armenian rock music veterans from Jermuk and another one from Boston.

1) Mineral formed in 1994 and like other young bands, they toured constantly, virtually living in their van. The band's first release, the 7 inch "Gloria"/"Parking Lot" 7", was released on Audio Concept by Kerry McDonald from Christie Front Drive (the record was later re-released by Caulfield Records). Through a few rabid fans, that 7" found its way into the hands of crank! and Mineral later decided to release their records on the label.

Their first full length The Power of Failing, was recorded in 6 days in October 1995, followed by a split 7 inch with Jimmy Eat World and Sense Field shortly after when the three bands hit the road together. Since then, Mineral has released another 7 inch ("February"/"MD") on Caulfield and songs on various compilations.

Mineral released their second full length, EndSerenading in 1998 with Mark Trombino at Big Fish Studios in Encinitas, California.

Shortly after completing recording for "EndSerenading", the four members of Mineral decided to go their separate ways. Chris Simpson and Jeremy Gomez formed the Gloria Record. Gabriel Wiley and Scott McCarver were briefly in a band called Imbroco. Gabe is now in Pop Unknown. Scott was last spotted in Austin but as far as we know he doesn't have a steady rock gig these days.

The Gloria Record have split up and Chris Simpson is working on a solo project called Zookeeper.

2) Mineral is a rock band from Armenia with a career spanning over two decades. Their most recent release has been "The Donkey", which was released in 2007.

3) The name Mineral was also used by a band fronted by David Wildman in Boston in the 1980s.

4) A french / Irish band, with Craig Walker from the band ARCHIVE … see more

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