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There is more than one artist with this name.

Straight Edge hardcore band from Maryland. Formerly known as Anti-Wasteoids.

Mindset is a melodic hardcore band from Melbourne, Australia. Formed in 2005, Mindset have relased 2 EPs, including 2009's 'Reset, Revive.' The bands debut full length titled 'Midnight Sky,' was released April 2011 on Pee Records. &

Mindset was formed in 1994 in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA. Early influences included Helmet, King's X and Rage Against The Machine among many others. The bands sound was a striped down mix of tight rhythms, low tuned guitars, grinding bass and aggressive yet melodic vocals.

The original band lineup included Roddy Lane on vocals, Don Campbell on guitars, John O'Neil on bass and Kenny Windley on drums.

In 1997 the band was signed to the Los Angeles office of German metal label Noise Records and in that year released the self titled CD "Mindset". The CD was produced by former Wrathchild America and Souls at Zero bassist Brad Divens and engineered by Drew Mazurek.

In 1999, the lineup changed with John Smallwood taking over on guitar. The band returned to the studio with the same production team to record "A Bullet for Cinderella" which featured a guest appearance by Nothingface vocalist Matt Holt on one song.

After some tension between the band and label, Mindset asked to be released from their contract with Noise Records in 2000. The band has continued to play sporadically with an ever changing lineup. Hopes are for a reunited original lineup to record and play again but to date this has not happened….yet.


Note: Sworn Enemy is a Hardcore band out of Queens in New York City.
The band formed in 1997 as Mindset but soon after the State Of Mind release, the band discovered that the Mindset name was in prior use. Therefore, the band changed their name to Sworn Enemy.


Note: MINDSET is a youth crew hardcore band from Maryland formerly known as Anti-Wasteoids.

4: Mindset: Electronic dance music artist from UK
20 years old from Liverpool UK, J Ardrey began editing tracks in 2006, and by 2008 was completing remixes in various styles and the year after began writing his own music. The 'Mindset' alias was started in May 2011 and has become the main focus of his projects.

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