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Mikolai Stroinski hails from a family with strong musical roots. His great uncle Marian Stroinski served as music director/conductor for the prestigious Kielce Philharmonic (Poland). His first lessons in harmony were from his father, a now retired jazz trumpeter, at the age of five. Having been steeped in both classical music and jazz laid a sturdy foundation, leading to a love and passion for both composition and jazz piano.
Having studied with Wojcjech Kaminski, Mikolai was admitted to the prestigious Karol Szymanowski Music Academy in Katowice, Poland. After graduating with distinction, Mikolai felt the pull to Boston (MA) to continue his studies at the renown Berklee College of Music. Originally a Jazz Piano major, Mikolai’s natural abilities in composition and love of movies led him down a different path. He graduated with honors from Berklee with a Certificate of Honor for Outstanding Achievements in Film Scoring, and set his sights on Los Angeles.

His work as a ghost writer took off immediately. Mikolai gained valuable experience composing for TV shows that are featured on CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, SPIKE TV, Discovery Channel, History Channel, HBO, SCI-FI and are consequently played around the world.

While composing for TV, Mikolai built his own studio to pursue his dream of composing for film. Early works like the action movie Hired Gun, followed by documentary Modjeska – Woman Triumphant and the dark-romantic Polish comedyWonderful Summer established Mikolai as an emerging talent. His list of credits, commendations and awards nominations continues to grow.

Mikolai Stroinski lives in Los Angeles with his wife Maja. He works on American and European projects including film scores, TV shows, trailers and commercials. His stylistic versatility offers filmmakers a diverse palette to help realize their creative vision. Mikolai’s authentic, original voice enhances drama and adds an intangible depth that brings an emotional resonance to picture. Mikolai’s ability to collaborate with filmmakers in creating a transcendent experience for audiences has earned him the reputation as a composer in high demand and a talent on the rise.

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