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There are at least 6 artists called Miami:

1. This band plays funk and r&b which has recently been sampled by various pop artists including the horn section used by Jennifer Lopez's "Play".

2. Early-'00s San Francisco Bay Area punk band.

3. Synth pop/rap duo from Tokyo, Japan.

4. Miami is a hyphy MC

5. Miami is an Arabic music band from Kuwait. They sing the song "Habibi Alli", which is popular with American bellydancers and is included on the Bellydance Superstars Vol 2 album. The song itself is a 'greeting' to the whole world. The refrain says, "Hello to everyone, no matter where you are, what time it is, day or night, no matter what color you are." The word "Halaa" is an informal way of saying hello. Kind of like, "How you doin'?" or "Hey man."

6. MIAMI is a group which is formed by four young musicians, Maija Sariola (vocals), Lasse Sakara (guitar), Osmo Ikonen (bass) ja Jyri Sariola (drums). Old schoolmates have been playing together for nearly ten years, and their fresh new pop-sound has influences from classic pop to modern downtempo dancemusic. MIAMI name has nothing to do with sunny palm beaches, its just a urban feel that is transmitted through music. Finnish lyrics, sung by beautiful-voiced Maija Sariola, are about small moments in normal peoples lives. The First single "Sade ei lakkaa" was released in the beginning of August and the second single "Järjen vastainta" in March 2006. The debut album was released in 31.5.2006.

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