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There are at least 6 artists with the name matisse:

1. Matisse is an English language-singing alternative rock band from Athens, Greece formed in 1999. Matisse was originally formed in 1997 by Aris Siafas, Giannis Massouras, Grigoris Κolias, Petros Tsolis, Kostas Synodinos and Basilis Zervos without making any significant actions as a band. In 2009 the band released their third album, Rock 'N Roll Mafia.

2. Matisse is an Italian eurodance act produced by Lorenzo Vio, Max Giunta, Morris Capaldi and Sandy Chambers. It recorded the hit "I Wanna Lose My Mind"

3. Matisse is an Italo Disco act produced by Tony Verde. Vocalists were Alexandra Millet, Sal Garau, and Stefano De Carli. They released the singles "Fool For Love", "Indigo Girl", "La Dolce Vita" and "Plateau Rosa".

4. Matisse (born 1985 in Connecticut) is a singer signed to Jive Records. She was part of a group called Brit and Alex with her identical sister. They broke up after her sister decided to go back to school. Brit now has a single out on iTunes called “Better Than Her” under her new name Matisse. She is working on her debut album and is being called one of the best new artists of 2010.

5. Lithuanian electronica (trip-hop and such) producer.

6. A possible mis-tag of electronic music duo Matisse & Sadko.

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