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Malux is an alias of electronic music producer Alex Chambers. Though the London-based artist produces music in multiple tempo's and genres as Skope, his work as Malux is all and heavy . In the first year of Malux' existence, he released tracks on flagship labels such as Bad Taste, RAM, Trendkill and Inspected.

The first electronic music Alex Chambers really fell in love with was drum and bass. Shortly after that he grew to love dubstep, which had developed a significant scene in Reading, where he lived at the time. As Skope he released in many styles. In 2016 Chambers decided it was time to come full circle and take an extra alias, being Malux, on which he would release strictly drum and bass tracks.

Top Tracks
2) Orbit
3) Rubix
4) Cargo
11) Mesmer
12) Fonk
14) Axiom
17) Hideout
18) Fallout
20) Shylock
22) Neutron
23) Pitfall

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