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MF Grimm a.k.a GM Grimm a.k.a Superstar Jet Jaguar or simply Jet Jaguar, is an underground rapper from Manhattan in New York City. In the early 1990s, he was known as The Grimm Reaper and was part of The Gravediggaz rap group (not to be confused with the Wu-Tang affilliated Gravediggaz). Grimm worked alongside his DJ, Roc Raida of X-ecutioners. He also collaborated with legends like Kool G Rap and KMD.

Grimm was an experienced battle rapper and placed at the World Supremacy Battle of 1993. That year, he released his first 12” single, So Whatcha Want Nigga? as The Grimm Reaper and performed at the Jack The Rapper convention on Execution Night, sharing the stage with Lady of Rage, 2Pac, and Tha Dogg Pound, in Atlanta.

"It was in a snowstorm, a blizzard. An hour before, I was getting prepared to go to Atlantic Records to get signed for a half million dollars. I was coming out of the barbershop and jumped into the car my brother was driving. They shot the car up. My brother got killed. The first I remember was on my side. As soon as it went into my body, it collapsed both lungs. I remember that one clear as day. The closest thing I can think of for the feeling is like how Superman would burn laser beams out of his eyes. It was that much heat, internally, trying to come out through my eyes. One went in my neck, ricocheted in my head and came out my mouth. Like a TV short-circuiting, it was like static in my head. The rest of them—side, arm, back—I don’t remember as much."

"Death is something I never feared, but it did wake me up. You realize how weak you really are. Life has a higher calling beyond the physical aspect. I was pronounced dead for a moment. I woke up and there was an officer over me. I was in the ambulance with detectives. I’m strapped down, I’m bleeding, dying. All I can tell you is when I was pronounced dead, I did go somewhere. I’ve seen things it would be hard to explain. The place I was going, I was at peace and it was bliss. But I had to come back. It was one of the biggest disappointments for a while. But that was my journey, coming back here and getting another opportunity. Paralysis, which is like purgatory, was a bitter blessing. But it put me on my path to try to become a better human being."

"The physical body is just a puppet. It’s not who I am. I never knew myself. Before this happened, I was already paralyzed—but it was just my brain. When someone is blind, their other senses kick in. It happens with paralysis as well. I can feel things that other people might not realize I can feel. Originally, I was blind in the right eye, deaf in the right ear. I couldn’t talk. I was paralyzed from the neck down. Since then my feelings have come back."

"I don’t remember how to walk, though. It’s my own fault for not staying on top of remembering how to walk, but I do have a great chance of walking again. It took a moment not to view this totally selfishly. I’m in this for a reason, for other people to learn from it. I’m not an angel—I’ve done a lot of shit. I’ve been on the other side of the gun. It’s nothing to glorify. At the time this happened, I was getting label deal When I got shot, the labels all wanted to separate from me. Now it’s part of your deal."

In the late 90s, he founded his record label/international distribution company, Day By Day Entertainment, with the intention of supporting and releasing independent artists. At around the same time, he put together his Godzilla-inspired MC collective, the Monsta Island Czars.

In 2000, Grimm was sentenced to life in prison for conspiracy and narcotics charges. His debut LP "The Downfall of Ibliys: A Ghetto Opera" was recorded by Grimm in 24 hours, out on a $100,000 bail for one day.

In jail, Grimm studied law and filed many counter-suits and eventually got his sentence reduced to only 3 years. Grimm is currently a free man.

He has since completed his sophomore album "Digital Tears: E-mail from Purgatory" under his M.I.C. moniker Superstar Jet Jaguar. Grimm recently released his third album, American Hunger, the first triple album in hop hop history to critical acclaim. De La Soul attempted to to the same with the AOI project, but record label restrictions and time issues forced them to abandon the idea. American Hunger was originally supposed to be released on July 3 2006 but was pushed back allowing him to address recent issues that were not previously on the album and due to the US Government threatening court action if Grimm didn't remove some George W. Bush vocal samples.

MF Grimm recently added the GM title (Grand Master) to his name, sometimes going by GM or sometime MF. The MF stands for Mad Flows or Master of Flows.

Grimm has hinted at being one of the ghost writers on Dr. Dre's The Chronic.

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  • 11 June 1970 (Age 50)
  • Manhattan, New York, New York, United States

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