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"About the Music, I believe in everything I heard by fully using my heart and the fluctuations generated by my everchanging sentiments. The biggest challenge for a musician is to record every tiny sound from life with considerable accuracy. I'm so willing to experience all the sound existing in the world, all the melody composed by numerous elements and all the fascinating harmony and rhythm, taking them as my true inspiration."


Maiko is a indie rock band from Beijing,China.Faylu, the vocalist and guitarist, is a talented singer-song writer. The band was affected by the outstanding personal style of Faylu,kinda pansexual pin-up, and there came the bandname, Maiko, originally refers to a traditional artform which resembles 'Kabuki'. To quote Faylu's words, the selftitle simply reflects their entertaining dancing and singing on the stage.

The ever-changing/innovating musicstyle contains the element of darkness, a little bit depression, and also thought-provoking explosion. Fatalism is deeply imbeded between the lines,as Faylu always did with the lyrics. Sounds familiar? To some extent, it will remind u of the English halfgay band, Placebo.

Doubtless,the band is abt to capture your mind as soon as the very first touch of the soundwave.

Vocal/Guitar/Keyboard: Faylu
Bass: Yang Shuo
Drum: Yang Yang
Sample/Programming: Song Dan

2)A Japanese Female Singer.

3) A band from the Netherlands, singing in Dutch and regional Dutch accents. Maiko are two childhood friends Wouter Bosker and Jörgen Daniel.

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