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The experience of seeing Lucrecia Dalt live blurs the boundaries between the studio, the stage, and the live recording. Weaving together loops of atmospheric melodies created using various instruments like guitar, bass, computer, midi controllers, voice and percussion, as a result, over time the songs continue to evolve and incorporate experiences and environments.

After swapping the streets of Medellin for Barcelona and contributing to the EP Series "4 Women No Cry" by Gudrun Gut on Monika Enterprise, Lucrecia Dalt laid the foundation stone of her own label, Pruna Recordings, with an album entitled "Congost". Her latest album Anticlines was released in 2018.

Top Tracks
5) Dicen
7) Seca
10) Enviada
12) Tar
14) Esotro
16) Gena
17) Epilogo
19) Altra
22) Edge

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