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There are multiple artists with this name:

1) A Serbian electronic artist.
2) A folk band from USA.
3) Metalcore band from the UK
4)// band formed in 2012

1) Lotus Eater is an Electronic music producer and DJ operating under variety of pseudonyms. Brought up in Belgrade, Serbia, he spends his days mastering the arts of programming, production and web design. A parallel appreciation for bumpy beats, soul and grimer side of music has ensured that his production encompasses an array of auricular vistas.

2) Lotus Eater sounds like the beautiful voice of the glistening dew drop hanging from a single blade of golden grass on the first day of summer. With three part harmonies forming the basis for catchy melodies and thought provoking lyrics that have an emphasis on praise and appreciation for nature, Lotus Eater has a diverse sound influenced by artists of all genres: The Zombies, The Shins, Kings of Leon, Hot Hot Heat, Modest Mouse, Latin composers, classical music and much more. Composed of three musicians they are: Andrew Smith, lead vox & guitar; Aaron Hays, percussion & vox; and Mitch Schumer, Bass and vox.

A University of St. Thomas band, they started about a year ago and are in studio recording their first full length album.

Members past musical endeavors include:

Forest Green-


Hanzel & Metal-

3) Formed in 2016:
Jamie Mclees - Vocals
Douglas Park - Guitar
Alan Ross - Guitar
Roland Walet - Bass
Cameron Humphrey - Drums

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