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Lost Dog Street Band is American duo Benjamin Tod (from Tennessee) and Ashley Mae (from South Dakota).

The band began when a songwriter from tennessee and a fiddle player from south dakota began playing music on the streets to fund their like for hopping freight trains. Their earlier band ( Barefoot Surrender ) split ways in (January 2011) in Oregon and they tramped a hard winter back to Dixie. They met back with their old friend Christin to start on a new album and a new life. By the following winter they were meeting some old friends back in the northwest and started a new band called SPIT SHINE. the original lost dog Daisy Mae died that summer and the band name was thought to be done with. a new lost dog Copper Tod was found that fall and revived a new spirit. spit shine went on for the next year and a half. 'life's a dog-gone shame' recording began early in 2013 with help from band members of Barefoot Surrender(Jason O'dea) and Spit Shine(Nicholas Ridout) .lost dog street band finally got a van to do a real tour. shortly before the albums release best friend, brother, and band mate Nicholas Ridout died at the age of 24. With broken hearts and worn out souls they press on in his memory.

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