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There is more than one artist with this name:

1) Los Hermanos is a Brazilian band from the state of Rio de Janeiro, which mixes up indie rock with mpb and samba elements. The band members are Marcelo Camelo, Rodrigo Amarante (both guitars, lyrics and vocals), Bruno Medina (keyboard) and Rodrigo Barba (drums).
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They recorded two demos that eventually found their way into the hands of Paulo André, the producer of the Abril Pro Rock festival, in Recife. The band was then invited to perform on one of the biggest alternative music festivals in Brazil, the Superdemo. Their self-titled album, released in 1999, became a huge seller on the back of the hit single Anna Julia. Two less financially successful albums, Bloco do Eu Sozinho (2001) and Ventura (2003), followed, changing the punk-rock that highlighted their debut effort to a softer, more laid-back style. Although those two albums did not sell as much as the first one, they consolidated the band as a cult; mainly because of their so-called clever lyrics and mixture of brazilian rhytmhs with rock. Their newest record, simply titled 4 (four), was released in August, 2005.


2) Los Hermanos is a division closely attached to the urban american underground techno movement "Underground Resistance". Each release has had its own distinct sound, concept and impact. Releases like "Quetzal" and the album "On Another Level" show urban melodic detroit techno on a different level.

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