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Lord Gore is a slavering horde of psychotic individuals with an insatiable hunger for violence, gore and deviated pornography. Fueled by all things disgusting and morally repugnant, They Excrete an Aural Organism that is equal parts Old School Death/Doom/Gore Metal with a newer putrid dynamic that is better heard than described. Drawing inspiration from gods Autopsy, Impetigo, Rigor Mortis, Repulsion and others, they are a writhing, foetid beast of pure perverted sickness. Nightmarish Whore tortured shrieks and Inhuman sub-gutterals lambast the subconscious with primal suggestions of utmost hatred and obscenity while the listener is virtually raped by the chainsaw riffing and unrelenting battery of skins.

Genre(s) : Death Metal/Goregrind
Lyrical theme(s) : Gore, death
Origin : United States of America (Portland, Oregon)

Last known line-up :

Gurge - Vocals (1998-) (Frightmare, ex-Fornicator, ex-Wraithen)
SCSI - Guitar, Bass (1998-) (Winter Of Apokalypse, ex-Wraithen)
Maniac Killer (Neil Smith) - Guitar (2002-) (Frightmare, ex-Whore (US), Blood Freak)
Colon Bowel - Drums (2001-) (Engorged, Winter Of Apokalypse)
Jason Voorhees - Bass (2005-) (Splatterhouse, ex-Fall of the Bastards, Menacer (US), Dekapitator)

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Discography :

Dark Lords of the Cyst (demo, 1999)
Massive Deconstructive Surgery (demo, 2000)
The Autophagous Orgy (full-length, 2002)
Resickened (full-length, 2004)

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  • 1998 – 2006 (8 years)
  • Colon Bowel Gurge Maniac Killer SCSI

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