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Multiple Artists exist with the name Loona:

1) LOONA, stylized as LOOΠΔ (Hangul: 이달의 소녀; lit. Girl of the Month) is a 12-member South Korean girl group under , a subsidiary of .

Each individual member released a single album up until the group's official debut. A new member was introduced each month. Prior to debuting, the members also promoted in sub-units, each with their own defined concept.

On August 7, 2018, after an eighteen-month-long project to introduce the individual members, BlockBerryCreative released "favOriTe" as a pre-release to their upcoming debut album. A week later, on August 15, the tracklist for the album was released and the album was scheduled for August 20. The album was released as and the title track chosen for the mini was "Hi High". The mini was positively received, selling over 50,000 copies, the second-best-selling album by a debuting girl group that year, and debuting at #2 on the Gaon Album Chart.

Overview of the sub-units and members respectively:

  • LOOΠΔ 1/3
  • 01. Heejin (희진): born in October 2000. Introduced in October 2016. Her animal is a rabbit and her colour is bright pink.
    02. Hyunjin (현진): born in November 2000. Introduced in November 2016. Her animal is a cat and her colour is yellow.
    03. Haseul (하슬): born in August 1997. Introduced in December 2016. Her animal is a white bird and her colour is green. She is the leader of the unit as well as the entire group.
    04. Yeojin (여진): born in November 2002. Introduced in January 2017. Her animal is a frog and her colour is orange. Represents the slash in 1/3.
    05. ViVi (비비): born in December 1996. She is the only foreign member, coming from Hong Kong. Introduced in February 2017, but her representing month is April, due to her single being released during that month. Her animal is a deer and her colour is pastel rose.

  • 06. Kim Lip (김립): born in February 1999. Introduced in May 2017. Her animal is an owl and her colour is red. She is the unit's leader.
    07. Jinsoul (진솔): born in June 1997. Introduced in June 2017. Her animal is a blue betta and her colour is blue.
    08. Choerry (최리): born in June 2001. Introduced in July 2017. Her animal is a fruit bat and her colour is purple.

  • LOONA/yyxy
  • 09. Yves (이브): born in May 1997. Introduced in November 2017. Her animal is a swan and her colour is burgundy. She is the unit's leader.
    10. Chuu (츄): born in October 1999. Introduced in December 2017. Her animal is a penguin and her colour is peach.
    11. Go Won (고원): born in November 2000. Introduced in January 2018. Her animal is a butterfly and her colour is eden green.
    12. Olivia Hye (올리비아혜): born in November 2001. Introduced in March 2018. Her animal is a wolf and her colour is black/grey.

2) Marie-Jose van der Kolk (born 16 September 1973 in IJmuiden, Netherlands) also known by her stage names Loona and Charisma, is a singer, songwriter and dancer. She is most noted for her collaboration with DJ Sammy, performing as a duo under the stage name of DJ Sammy feat. Charisma. She is active from 1994–2005, 2008–present. She has a daughter, Saphira Maria (born February 10, 2005).

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