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Little Chief is an​ American folk band from Fayetteville, AR.

In 2012, after long nights of jams and other musical get-togethers, Little Chief frontman Matt Cooper decided that he wanted to create a folk band that played songs that got people stomping and clapping, while still having lyrical meaning. As a former singer/songwriter, Matt had played numerous shows with cello player, Matthew Heckmann and knew that they already had a very organic sound together. Through other friends and contacts, they met and befriended Andrew Myers, a drummer out of Ft. Smith, Arkansas. As college students at the University of Arkansas, their late nights are full of practicing and creating an authentic sound. Together, the three make up the "Little Chief" band.

Playing numerous shows in every kind of venue, Little Chief has played with everything from singer/songwriters to rap artists. Little Chief's debut EP "Somewhere Near The River" was released in 2012.

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