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"As long as our wheels been turning, please keep the homefires burning.“

2015. In a fast-living world dominated by facebook, it is harder than ever for an underground band to be exceptional and to stick out next to all those trendy "15-minutes of fame one demo Bandcamp artists". All the big punk hymns have been sung, all the hardcore riffs punched into a mosh pit and all the tattoo-worthy lines have been written. At least that is what the hip kids say.

Light Your Anchor are still here to prove all those naysayers wrong.

After the Peter Pan Syndrome EP, their debut album 'Hopesick’ and numerous van rides throughout Europe and the UK (e.g. w/ No Bragging Rights, To The Wind, etc.), the Hamburg five-piece has continuously made its way up to the top of Europe's overcrowded Melodic Hardcore scene. With their highly anticipated second album 'Homefires’ they are ready to hold their ground and reach even further.

'Homefires’ was produced, mixed and mastered by Aljoscha Sieg at the Pitchback Studios in Cologne (Nasty, Vitja, The Haverbrook Disaster), European’s top-notch producer when it comes to modern hardcore, metal and punk. The stunning artwork was crafted by one of the scene’s leading artwork designers, Dave Quiggle (Comeback Kid, Shai Hulud, Gideon). However, all this name-dropping would be worth nothing if the band was one of those copycats, showing that underground music has become nothing but a farce. But Light Your Anchor are nothing like that. They are honest, straight forward and keep up to the promises they made to themselves and others.

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