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There's more than 1 artist using this name: 1) LIZ is an American electro-pop/r&b artist signed to Mad Decent. 2) LiZ is a metal visual kei band from the suburbs of Tokyo, Japan. 3) Japanese doujin vocalist. Circle: arcane

This can also be an incorrect tag for the American Indie artist Liz Isenberg, the Brazilian Electronica artist Liz Christine or the Dutch dance musician Liz Kay.

1) Elizabeth Abrams, better known as Liz (stylized as LIZ) or Liz Y2K, is an American singer and actress from Tarzana, Los Angeles, California.

While channeling the guilty pleasure of throwback Brandy, Mariah Carrey and Destiny’s Child, LIZ is a born and raised valley girl by way of Tarzana, CA making ageless pop gold. She effortlessly adopts modern R&B’s glossiest melodies and subtly infuses the street banger to create tasteful post-ratchet lollipop sounds. Guided by some of music's most progressive curators, LIZ thrives in the grey area between serious artistry and the kitsch thinking production. The resulting aesthetic has no need to proclaim itself as genuine or honest­ In the end, we see an artist that's quite frank in reminding us that music should simply make us feel good. LIZ unapologetically displays a thoughtful play on Y2K R&B Pop with shades of forward.

2) LiZ was formed in 2005 by 伶 (Rei, vocals), 憂 (Yu, guitar), 戒 (Kai, guitar), Vict (bass) and りょう (Ryo, drums). LiZ is signed to the record label SPEED-DISK.

Their debut release was on April 14th 2006 "爛", which was a Limited Edition song. Their second release was "RED-CHAIN" on December 5th including three new songs.

In the summer of 2007, LiZ released two singles, "L∞P XIII" on May 23rd and "IXION" on June 27th. Both singles included three new songs. On July 25th 2007 LiZ released their 1st mini-album "L-subliminal" as an 1000 ex Limited Edition.

In the year 2008, LiZ released two singles, "涙花~RUIKA~" on May 21st and "真夏ノ夜ノ夢" on June 25th.

The first single for 2009 is titled "RAZOR" and was released on February 18th.

LiZ announced that they will be disbanding after their final live「THE LAST IMPULSE」performance on September 28th, 2010.

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