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Lena Raine (born February 29, 1984) is an independent, award-winning composer and producer based in Seattle, WA. She has written original soundtracks for video games such as Celeste, Guild Wars 2 and Hackmud. Lena has also released several solo albums and orchestral works such as Singularity and Snowflight.

Raine has been composing soundtracks for games and media for 12 years, her breakout moment coming with her work on the classic PC game Guild Wars 2. Her most celebrated work, however, has come in the form of 2018’s Celeste (Original Soundtrack). A game based around themes of anxiety, self-examination and more, Celeste is considered by many to be the key indie game of 2018, and has won multiple awards for both game and soundtrack - something which Raine painstakingly developed in tandem with the game’s design since its first steps.

A flagship year for Raine was capped off in December, when she performed live with soundtrack legend Hans Zimmer at The Game Awards, the video game industry's flagship annual award show (Celeste was nominated for four awards, and won two).

Raine released her debut album Oneknowing on March 29, 2019.

Lena Raine's official homepage can be viewed at Her Twitter and Instagram handle is @kuraine.

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