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Latterman was a four-piece band from Long Island, NY, formed in 2000. They played a style of melodic punk rock with shouted dual-vocals by Phil Douglas and Matt Canino, with songs often containing political and/or socially-conscious lyrics. The band has been compared to the likes of Against Me!, The Lawrence Arms, and Hot Water Music. Since their split in 2007, members have most recently been heard playing in Shorebirds, Bridge and Tunnel, Laura Stevenson and the Cans, Iron Chic, RVIVR and The Brass.

On October 18, 2007, music website reported that the band had officially broken up. Bassist Matt Canino sent the following to

"We were a band for 7 years and it was time to not be a band anymore. I was in New York less and less and there was some record label stress and things were just getting too weird with the shows we were getting asked to play, the things we were getting asked to do, and the way we felt the band was being perceived.

Personally, I don't give a shit about 'being positive' or whatever that meant when we were all 18, and the most people seemed to be getting out of the band was 'how important friendships are.' Well how fucking boring is that? No shit friendships are important, but I think that was far away from the messages we were trying to convey with Latterman.

I felt like a broken record going on tour and talking about sexism in punk rock every night and then some fucking bro-dudes coming up to me and saying some fucked up shit. I even got to a point where I stopped calling them out on it, and that just felt wrong. I was tired. Basically, it just stopped making sense for everyone in the band to keep on doing the band.

This doesn't sum up how Pat, Phil, and Brian feel obviously, or even all of my feelings on it, but I guess it's a concise version of what happened. We are all still friends."

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