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Landon Pigg, born August 6th, 1983, is a musician from Nashville, Tennessee. He began his music career by singing on children's discs, but then eventually moved on onto his own personal melody.

He released his first album, Demonstration, while unsigned. Now he is signed into RCA records and has released three albums with them. The first one, This Is A Pigg-EP, came out on March 28, 2006. LP (after his own initials), came out on July 25, 2006 as his first full-length album. On January 30, 2007, Pigg's Live in the Alice Lounge - EP, recorded in California, was out on iTunes.

After Sailed On was the 'Free Single of the Week' on iTunes on June 20, 2006, the number of Landon Pigg fans shot up dramatically. It was also heard in an episode of Grey's Anatomy, a popular TV show. Soon, Can't Let Go, another famous single, was heard on the radio and on television, such as the trailer for the show Brothers and Sisters and the trailer for the movie Lucky You.

Landon has a video for Can't Let Go, available for purchase on iTunes. It is also featured in the Microsoft Zune MP3 Player as a pre-downloaded song.

Most recently, Pigg's newest song Falling in Love in a Coffee Shop was featured in A Diamond is Forever commercial. It was a hit throughout the United States, scoring him thousands of new fans and earning him spot in Billboard's Hot 100 chart. At one point, the single was iTunes's 42nd Top Purchased Song. To date, "Coffee Shop" is only available for purchase via iTunes.

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  • 6 August 1983 (Age 37)
  • Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee, United States

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