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Lieu is an upcoming rapper, singer, and producer, at just 15 years of age (born August 26th, 2007). Other aliases she has gone by are rab, notlieu, spies, rabbit dogefan26 and bunnie313. Her music is very diverse and varied, her main genres include , , , , and robloxcore.

Prior to being in Sillyteam (she is currently still apart of it), she has been in other underground collectives such as: BPG (Big Penis Gang) , Novagang and Mommworld.

Lieu does not like larper (live action role players) and has blocked many larpers on Twitter (real)

"drain", released in July 2020, is her most streamed song, with over 7.8 million streams on Spotify. Other well-known tracks which she has released include "threat", "late", "u mean even less to me now" and "cant get out".

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