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Kyunchi is candy-coated, geder-bending, post-modern, hyperpop, scene kid. Inspired by both post-internet aesthetics and MySpace-era bubblegum punk, their super saccharine songs investigate gender, beauty, and life in the digital world. Kyunchi began producing a unique blend of chiptune-inflected poptism alongside Ayesha Erotica. Their deceptively superficial sound belies more empowering themes, exploring self-care through splurging and the importance of self-love. Their team up with Aja of "Rupaul's Drag Race", titled "Murakami" (after the legendary visual artist), interrogates the lowbrow/highbrow divide and the construction of identity through fashion.

Influenced as much by Jpop artist like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and Perfume as by Western fastival favorites like Poppy, Grimes, and Lana del Rey, Kyunchi's bubbly brand of blippy synths and ear-wormy vocal hooks embody a complicated picture of gender in the new millennium. Mixing wistfulness and inovation in equal measures, their sound exemplifies the maniac quality of a Gen Z Tumblr mood-board. Aesthetics cues for Kyunchi range from Final Fantasy to oneiromancy.

Fully embracing the #20ninescene renaissance, Kyunchi's music was described by Paper Mag as "nostalgic and futuristic at the same time". Taking their idiosyncratic spin on kawaii culture to the next level, Kyunchi is reinventing the sound of cyberspace.

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