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Think of a musical ice storm. Think raw emotion, sonic tension and effects, effects, effects. Meld this with lush, haunting vocals and impressionistic lyrics. See a show or listen to one of their songs loud with headphones and you will see why fans claim that Koshari’s music is almost visual in nature.

To Koshari music is a way to evoke emotion and spur thought. They are heartfelt about their art, no pretenses. Using odd time signatures, dynamics, layer upon layer of melody and driving rhythms they create music meant for those open minded souls that are looking to be moved both musically and mentally.

The enveloping volume at their live shows and their will to purposely mix all instruments, including vocals, at near-equal volume allows for creative interplay within frequencies and will pull you in and make you listen again and again. Their songs have been best described as, “pin-wheeling imagery with a layered and languorous sound.”

When recording, the band pushes for an intertwining of raw performance and quality sound - not subscribing to the popular use of overdubs. Koshari released their 3rd recording, Reappear, in June 2009, and will be playing area and regional gigs to support the release.

They have shared the stage with a variety of different bands ranging from Sleepytime Gorilla Museum to Adam Franklin of Swervedriver.

If you like My Bloody Valentine, A Perfect Circle, Autolux, Swervedriver, Death Cab for Cutie, or if you are just looking for something moving and new, you will be taken with Koshari.

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