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There are two musical acts named Knapsack.

1. An / band that was formed in Davis, California in 1993 by Blair Shehan (vocals/guitar) and Colby Mancasola (drums). Blair was also a member of fellow emo band The Jealous Sound and Racquet Club.

2. An project of Chicago-based producer and singer-songwriter, Gabriel O'Leary, who debuted with Bend in January, 2018, followed by the seven-track album futura in September of that year, and his last album The buzz of a lifetime in October, 2020, before retiring this alias entirely.

He's also been releasing music as Sebastian6, started at July, 2020, mainly, though occasionally, releasing -esque tracks on SoundCloud, and he's currently going under the gabby start alias, who've just released a debut single dubbed sydney, released via Atlantic Records in October 20th, 2021.

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