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Kitten Forever is a punk band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. They're influenced by feminism, baby animals, getting laid, eating cake, platonic cuddling, and free clothes.

Kitten Forever, (Laura/bass, Corrie/drums, and Liz/vocals), formed in June of 2006 and made the bold move to live together, along with two others, in October 2006. Since then, they have released their tape SISSY PARTY, as well as two EP's, their full length BORN READY, and a 7' out on UF Records entitled MAGICAL REALISM. Their first full-length (CD/double 45) PRESSURE was released in 2013 on Guilt Ridden Pop with a record release show at – where else? – the Kitty Cat Klub.

Kitten Forever no longer lives together as a whole, but remain best friends and have toured the country extensively. They love the midwest and spend their time putting on house shows, reading books about astrology, and trying to practice more than once a month.

Top Tracks
9) Temple
16) All Day
19) Prey On
20) Static
21) Cannon
23) 200x
24) Luxury

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