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There are at least 4 different artists named Kite:
1) A Swedish band formed in 2008.
2) A Norwegian band.
3) A band from Barbados.
4) An American band formed in 1994.
5) A British band formed in 1992 by Trevor Tanner of The Bolshoi.
6) A Korean band.


1) Kite - Sweden:

The story of Kite started when Christian Berg (Yvonne, Strip Music) asked Nicklas Stenemo (The Mo, Melody Club) to sing on one of Christian’s instrumental songs. The day after the demo version of ”My girl and I” was finished. They started to make songs at a daily basis in Nicklas’ studio where Christian’s love for monotone synth melted together with Nicklas’ pophits.
One day Nicklas sold his Fender guitar and the band Kite was born.
On May 23 Kite will release a 4-track-vinyl on the label Lyckan.

Myspace: KiteMalmo


2) Kite - Norway:

KITE are a four piece kickass hard rock band from Norway with an electric live show. Grunge sentiments with thrashing inflexions, pop catchiness and steely guitar grating – it’s about rocking with songs. KITE have the KITE sound, ranging from the thrashiest hardcore to the softest of melodies. Comparisons to Foo Fighters, QOTSA, Poison the Well and Refused can be made and are accepted.

KITE have enjoyed TV appearances, supported many big bands, and have released a plethora of self funded EPs before being signed to independent Norwegian label Reel Noise Records.

Late 2004 saw KITE tour extensively in Norway, UK and Scandinavia, shoot a video and release the debut album ’Bring Out Your Dead’ in Norway the album was also successfully licensed to UK label Stunted Records and released worldwide in digital format with physical release pending in the UK.

The last 2 years has seen singer Ronny tour and record with his other successful Norwegian heavy rock band Stonegard, who were on Download line-up / bill in 2006.

2007 saw lead singer Ronny pull together a brand new line up for KITE and the band are once again playing live shows around Norway.


3) Kite - Barbados:

"Kite's sound is the improbable combination of elemental, spartan reggae and the moodiness of introspective/anthemic rock."

Kite are completely out to lunch. They are under the notion that the world cannot do without a band that sounds like The Police, UB40 and Crowded House all rolled into one, and have chosen the unlikeliest of launch pads for their musical moonshot. They can also demonstrate that climbing coconut trees is for trained rock musicians ONLY…and are reaching for the stars…even if they only turn up with coconuts.

Kite are from the small Caribbean island of Barbados and have been strutting their stuff since 2004, receiving wide radio airplay and developing a large, loyal following through their live performances.

Touted as one to watch in the region, Kite released their second album in September 2007…

Kite got together in Barbados in 2003 and after their honourable mention at the Billboard World Songwriting Contest in 2003, they released their debut album, Up In The Air in 2004 and got consistent regional radio airplay from then on.

Up In The Air gave them opportunity to work with top Caribbean producer Jeremy Harding (Sean Paul producer/manager), on 'Nice To Finally Meet You', and with conversation-stopping songs, plus their use of steel pan and 'vintage' Reggae guitar sounds, found them a virgin spot on the booming music scene in the Caribbean.

Recent events include Kite song 'Firefly' featuring on US TV series Ghost Whisperer (with the 'fwaaaarrrr' Jennifer Love-Hewitt), and a local Barbadian department store ad. It has been widely agreed that the department store ad was the real coup d'Etat, such is the conservative nature of the island.


4) Kite - United States:


KITE’s humble beginnings as a studio band in 1994 evolved into an ambitious touring act in the year 2000 and has since been offering up an intense, passionate and full bodied rock experience that critics have called “Awe inspiring!” Brian Tripplett, Eastern Washington University Review; “Powerfully expressive. Postitively riveting.” John Collinge, Progression Magazine.

When Monte Thompson (vocals and acoustic guitar), Michael Koep (drums and bass) and Scott Clarkson released their first album (Gravity, 1997) they didn’t expect that the project would launch them into a ten plus year history of writing, performing and enduring craftsmanship. Mark Rakes (bass guitar) joined in 2006 and has rounded out the quartet. KITE has built a reputation for the care they put into their records and the concentrated force of their performances. KITE songs are in every way unique, urgent, important and substance driven. Like their fans, KITE endeavors for themes and melodies that inspire and move. And for their fans, they deliver.

5. Kite - Britain

Two years after The Bolshoi split, lead singer and guitarist Trevor Tanner formed a new band: Kite, a tree-piece with Ian Whitehead (drums) and Jasper Stainthorpe (bass), ex of Then Jerico. The band played a handful of gigs and recorded several tracks for an album which has never been released.

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