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Billboard music award winners, "Kinto Sol" is made up of the Garcia Brothers, Manuel "Skribe", Javier "DJ Payback" and Eduardo "El Chivo". Their music is a product of their cross-culture life experiences and a common story among immigrants in search of, and in pursuit of the American Dream. The talented trio originally from Iramuco, Mexico arrived into the urban allay ways of Chicago, later relocating into the industrial landscapes of Milwaukee after the release of their debut album, "Del Norte al Sur" (From the North to The South). The pioneering success of the album captivated a corner stone into the market place for Kinto Sol, as they secured the endless recognition into the industry's completive edge. Their instant fans quickly found refuge in the hypnotic content and memorizing lyrics. The motivation behind the band's music cultivated the demand to produce and release two back to back Gold albums, "Hecho en Mexico" (Made in Mexico) and "La Sangre Nunca Muere" (The blood line never Dies). Kinto Sol dedicated these albums to the fidelity of family and sheer perseverance against economical struggle, encouraging the pride in their cultured heritage.

With each release, Kinto Sol continued to win the hearts and minds of its listeners, building an ongoing diversity of an audience. After the montage and sheer number of loyal listeners, Universal Records could no longer ignore the draw of the band's industry success, offering the band an invitation to join their seasoned label. Shortly after uniting with Universal, "Los hijos del Maiz", the bands forth hit album was released. The album documents and confronts the contemporary challenges faced by immigrant audiences, including unfamiliarity, economical discrimination and racism.

Within a year, the 2008 Latin Billboard music awards nominates and awards the band with the Best Rap/Hip Hop category. In 2010, Kinto Sol again receives another nomination by the Billboard giants for their album, "Carsel de Suenos" (Prison of Dreams), In the best Latin Rhythm Album artist of the year, Duo or group Category. In addition to their independent success, Kinto Sol continues to credit their "Soldados", (fans) to the success of the band's acolytes without syndication and or absolutely NO radio play. This remains to be an ongoing industry miracle..

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