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- Kinobe is an English electronic music group with two members; Mark Blackburn, and Julius Waters. Both originally from England, however Julius Waters spent many of his teenage years in Australia. Julius grew up in the affluent area of Barnes, in London, his parents being next door neighbours and friends of Brian May from the band Queen.

- * In 2000 Kinobe released their debut album Soundphiles to critical acclaim; the track 'Slip Into Something More Comfortable' brought the duo to a wide audience through its use in a major TV advertising campaign, and saw the group hailed as new pioneers of the rapidly expanding 'chill-out' genre. Despite this, Kinobe weren't particularly happy about being pigeon-holed, along with many others, simply as 'chill-out' artists.
- * 2001 saw the release of Verse Bridge Chorus? The very title questioning the sometimes unusual structure of Kinobe's songs. Verse Bridge Chorus provided a more varied and experimental sound than that of the debut, which alienated some fans but attracted others.
- * In 2004 Kinobe released Wide Open. Recorded and produced in the French countryside as a result of the duo's frustration about the current state of the music industry and bleak London town, it proved to showcase the more upbeat side of Kinobe, with a distinct French influence on certain tracks.

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