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Feeling differentiated from what seems like the never ending, generic cycle of breakdowns and break-ups involved with local hardcore on the Gold Coast, Australia Kings At Heart emerged with the intention of creating something more than just music, but a universal feeling and sense of consistency amongst a community that is focused on acceptance and understanding.

Having played as far north as Towoomba and as far south as Lismore, Kings At Heart are slowly but surely building a solid fan base and gaining recognition as one of the predominant local hardcore bands on Queensland’s south-east coast. This recognition not only comes for their fans but also from various music magazines, promoters, international bands and producers.

Over the years, King At Heart has had the pleasure of working with such musicians as Darren Budd (The Lane Cove), Mitch Rodger (Hand Of The Architect), Luka Palinich (Arcanine), Liam Pook (Open Sea) and Sam Webb (The Ottomans).

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