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King Geedorah was an MF DOOM side project. A drawing on samples from sources as obvious as Godzilla movies (specifically "Kaijū Daisensō," titled "Invasion of Astro-Monster" for English release) to those as obscure as the closing theme from the original Gatchaman anime. Other notable samples include one from Just-Ice's song "This Girl Is A Slut" which appears in the song "The Fine Print" and the original Dark Shadows theme song (which appears in two tracks), to say nothing of an inspired use of a Hall & Oates song opening, "Take Me to Your Leader" offers a diverse and yet strikingly coherent pastiche of cultural artifacts.

Of course, DOOM himself raps but very little on this disc, but the "rap-by-committee" approach works so well that you'll hardly notice the variety of styles, flows, and voices.

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  • 9 January 1971
  • London, England, United Kingdom Died 31 October 2020 (Aged 49)

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