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There are at least 6 artists going with the name of Kina: 1. Kina (producers), 2. Kina (punk band), 3.Kina Cosper, 4.Kina Grannis, 5.KINA (FIN), 6. KINA (Siberian singer).

1) Kina is a group of two producers that makes beats with an and kind of feel.

2) Kina was an Italian punk band formed in December 1982. Their lyrics were inspired by anarcho-punk style and talked about society, life and other controversial themes. They produced many albums such as: "irreale realtà", "cercando..", "se ho vinto se ho perso". They broke up in 1996. Some members are now playing in the "Frontiera".

3) Kina Cosper is a solo artist and former member of Brownstone. She has one solo album and is currently working on new music.

4) Kina Grannis is a female pop singer

5) KINA (FIN) is an alternative rockband from Finland

6) KINA is a singer from Siberia

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