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Kill Your Idols was a hardcore punk band from New York, influenced by other such bands as Black Flag, Negative Approach and Sheer Terror. They have released numerous CDs and LPs.

Their first 12" was released in 1998, followed by their debut CD, "This Is Just The Beginning" and "No Gimmicks Needed" LP on Blackout! Records the next year. The band subsequently signed to Side One Dummy Records and released two albums, "Funeral For A Feeling" in 2001 and "From Companionship To Competition" in 2005. KYI has also released quite a few EP's and split EP's including 2002's split with fellow LIHC band Crime In Stereo.

By January, 2006 the band had been together for ten years and celebrated by playing an anniversary show with friends Inhuman, Ensign, Two Man Advantage, Shell Shock and others at CBGB.

They disbanded in the May of 2007, playing their final show in a parking lot to 200-300 people, including many close friends. Local authorities shut down the originally intended last show after the audience far exceeded the venues capacity, and so it had to be moved last minute to a car park at a LI rehearsal studio.

Some members of the band founded Black Anvil.

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  • 1995 – 2007 (12 years)
  • New York, New York, United States
  • Gary Bennett (1995 – present)
    Paul Delaney Raeph Glicken

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