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There is more than one artist with this name:

1) Kids Like Us started in the winter of 2002, after massive touring and 4 records later it's 2009 and they are still ever present in the North Florida hardcore scene. Known for their energetic and all around fun live show they set themselves apart for the majority of bands out today. KLU have shared the stage with bands like Down to Nothing, Terror, Reign Supreme, Slapshot and many more.

Taking off running from where "Gator Smash" (Outta Control) left off "The Game" forces you to bang your head to 10 tracks of heavy southern influenced hardcore. These good Ole' boys of hardcore don't let down with catchy riffs that will haunt your dreams. Like Grits and Coca-Cola the authenticity of "The Game" will have you dreaming of your mothers Chicken N' Dumplings and bashing heads in the field behind the basketball courts after school. "The Game" goes where most bands haven't gone before, they don't stick with the same formula as previous albums. It's an exploration of growth for this 7 year old band that proves they are still in the making and not over the hill

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2) Kids Like Us was a hardcore band from the West-Norwegian seaport town of Stavanger. Formed in 1997, it rose from the ashes of Frame, a metal-style HxC band from Stavanger which had included three of the four members from Kids Like Us. All the forming band members where between 17 to 24 and all straight edge and vegetarian or vegan at the time.

After playing some shows, Kids Like Us recorded a self released demo, entitled “Myself. Friends. Family”, in March 1998. The demo was melodic, energetic and fast old school hardcore, inspired by bands like Turning Point, Youth of Today and Atari. The lyrics tried to put a message of positivity and respect through, but at the same time left room for personal interpetations. The demo was very well received and in the spring of 1998, and Commitment Records offered to put out a 7” for them, to which Kids Like Us gladly agreed.

In November 1998 Kids Like Us entered the studio to record 6 songs for a 7” - 4 news song were recorded and some songs of the demo were re-recorded. These songs where released as “Truth Alone Triumphs” on Commitment Records in 1999.

Kids Like Us recorded a self titled 10”/MCD on the Norwegian label Primitive Records in May 2001. Two of these songs were released on a white cover/white label promo split-7” (with The team spirit, also from Norway), to be sold on their first European tour, in the Summer of 2001.

In the spring of 2002, the 10”/MCD on Primitive Records was finally released. In the Summer of 2002, Kids Like Us did a second European tour that bought them all over Europe.

Kids Like Us consisted of Steinar Sirevåg on vocals, Even Skår on drums, Kristian Gundersen on guitar and Thomas S. Larssen on bass. In the beginning of 2002, the band added a second guitar player, Jone Gravdal.

Due to the other activities of the band members taking up more and more time, and some of them moving to other cities, the band decided to call it quits in the beginning of 2003. Since then, the members have gone on to play in bands such as: Death Is Not Glamorous, Damage Control, Datarock, the first cut, driD and I.O.U. They reunited for a single show in 2007.

3 Kids Like Us is Hip Hop group composed of three musicians, Lizzie Fontaine, Sam Wayne, and Eli Fhima. The group mixes Lizzie's soulful and jazzy sound with Sam and Eli's dark, conscious lyrical images and quick-witted rhythmic flow.

KLU's most recent project "Therapy" was released July 22, 2012 via Bandcamp and is available for free. Therapy features production by Ryan Tru.

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