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"Khaki Cuffs is a terrific sonic tour through many iterations of contemporary emo. There’s the twinkly, the pop-punky, the dynamically indie, and some really legit stops in the land of screamo; some intensely shrieky, and some more melodic and instrumentally measured a la Touche Amore. They ebb and flow between a few different moods and approaches, which could come across as clunky for other bands, but actually works to Khaki Cuffs’ benefit. Nothing feels overdone or redundant…" – Eli Enis, The Alternative (6/16/2020)

Khaki Cuffs is a midwest emo/twinkle emo band on Chillwavve Records from Newark, Delaware consisting of Brody Hamilton (guitar, vocals), Samuel Greaves (drums), and Drew Rackie (bass)

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