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There is more than one artist under this name:

KAMAU Mbonisi Kwame Agyeman—which literally means quiet warrior, affectionately called, little brother by his father, has always been a passionate and creative soul.
His path in life seemed to be almost certain from birth.
As a child KAMAU was very original and slightly unorthodox. Little brother was known to be always friendly with a wacky, witty sense of humor; deeply meditative, and possessing a strong sense of intellectual independence.
Ironically, the beautiful, odd and abstract sounds of gibberish we hear in KAMAU’s music, was at times, a source of parental irritation, at least around the dinner table.

2. Kamau
Esse My Space é do Kamau, Rap Nacional, mto bom MC por sinal! E a foto do perfil é desse Kamau! Mas o Kamau não tem CD gravado, tem algumas Mixtapes, uma solo, uma com o Consequência e o CD do Simples, que é um grupo do qual ele faz parte!

3. Kamau
Acoustic, Hawaiian, Island Roots.
Kamau comes from the islands of Hawai'i and are sending a message to the world about the islands love, life, and political struggles.

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