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Kalio Gayo: party folk with balkan touch.

Kalio's music is like a wild party in a remote place on the Balkans or like a rough bus ride across the plains. Be carried away by songs about quarrelling neighbours or a brave little wading bird. Party along in the rain after a drought, feel the excitement of getting home after a long journey. On her endless musical journey Kalio dances from Jaipur to Lanjaron, amazed by how small the world really is.

With the powerful voices of two frontwomen and an adventurous banjo with balalaika sound, Kalio breaks with folk traditions. Songs with lyrics written in words nobody knows but everyone with a little imagination can understand. Kalio Gayo is do-it-yourself and rebellious optimism.

At Oerol Festival 2009 Kalio Gayo proved to be a great festival band, but in a more intimate setting their energetic show will also turn the place upside down. In 2010 Kalio played the Lowlands Festival.

Kalio Gayo was formed in 1998. In 1999 a first album Tserko was released. In 2002 Dusra followed. Fearless was released in 2004. The music on Mei Ti Sera Foun, the fourth album, has again been written by Egbert den Braber and Anja Pleit. In 2011 Parti y Prije was released and in 2014 Drango 13 followed.

Kalio Gayo are:
Renske Das, vocals,accordeon
Egbert den Braber, banjo,
Anja Pleit, guitar and vocals,
Joost Bos, drums,
Sijmen Hendriks, electric upright bass


  • Info
  • 1999 – present (23 years)
  • Anja Pleit (1998 – present)
    Daan Rovers (2001 – 2007)
    Egbert den Braber (1998 – 2011)
    Joost Bos (2007 – present)
    Renske Das (1998 – present)
    … Sijmen Hendriks (2002 – present)
    Wies van Keulen (2011 – present)

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