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There are at least 10 bands / artists who have released music under the name "K2".

1. K2 is a noise project of Kimihide Kusafuka, who was active since the early 80s and produced a number of tapes and CDs. His work typically consists of crashing, creaking, and scraping sounds made with pieces of junk metal, usually edited in a jarring, unpredictable style, and often accompanied by the sounds of various electronics.

2. K2 was also , , and , formed by sisters Aleksandra Kovač and Kristina Kovač in 1990. They worked with many producers worldwide and released five albums. After eight years, the band finished its work in 1998. Aleksandra and Kristina started their solo careers.

3. A German eurodance band, who are best known for their 1994 hit song Der Berg ruft.

4. K2 is an underground rapper from Silesia, Poland.

5. A psychedelic drone alias of James Ferraro

6. An all-female Czech band from Hradec Králové, also known as Kadve.

7. An American progressive rock band from Los Angeles, California.

8. A Hungarian alternative band.

9. A four piece southern-heavy-blues-metal band from Greece.

10. Kari "Kärtsy" Hatakka best known as the founding member, vocalist, bassist and keyboardist of alternative metal band Waltari released two singles under the name.

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