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Japan-born Finnish composer and singer-songwriter Jukio Kallio's music leaps between intimate minimal pop, to life affirming piano compositions, and diverse world-building soundtracks. Widely recognized for his distinct sound in interactive media and indie videogames, Jukio weaves a melancholic yet hopeful aesthetic into his highly prolific personal work. Jukio Kallio has been praised for his attention to intimate details and standout soundtracks by publications such as FACT Magazine and A Closer Listen. His personal song "Kuun Laulut", which was supposed to be a one-off pop experiment, instantly hit Finland's national radio waves. He has played energetic DJ sets with tracklists mostly consisting of his own music all around the world – from San Francisco, London and Kyoto to Berlin and Johannesburg. The combination of far-reaching experience and an endless hunger for new musical horizons brings together his new solo album 'Kuabee Music'. Out on 28/6/2019.

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