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Jarren Benton is the dopest unsigned MC to come out of the South. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Jarren’s story is different from your average trapper/hustler down south rapper. With sick humorous punch lines and heart felt tales of personal struggle, Jarren gives you that balance of hardcore and conscious rap music. No fake dope boy gimmicks or gritty tales of being shot 100 times; Jarren gives you a 100% him. His cocky attitude can sometimes be mistaken as arrogance but he knows he is the best. His goal is to give you quality down south Hip Hop lyrics and beats, something the South has been missing since Outkast.

As a lyricist, Jarren has been compared to various artists such as Ludacris, Eminem, and Red Man. At age 6, he discovered his love for hip hop. While other kids piss their beds, Jarren would stay up late, past midnight, to record “The Fresh Party,” a local Atlanta Hip Hop radio show. Soon Jarren began to write his own rhymes and by the time he reached 10 years old, he was a premature beast on the mic. Jarren’s arsenals of talent also includes production and live performance skills. For the past seven years, Jarren had been producing and writing his own music in addition to producing tracks for other local Atlanta artists. With a sick live show that puts other rappers to shame, Jarren refined and mastered this art having performed at various open mics and showcases, such as the Southeastern Music Conference and Atlantis Music Festival.

Growing up in a house hold with no father figure, Hip Hop was like a second parent to Jarren. Obsessed with breaking into the music industry, he dropped out of high school to pursue his musical career. Unfortunately, since then it’s been a downward spiral. With no education behind him it has been difficult to find a career that will allow him to support his family and satisfy his thirst for making music. Frustrated with his adversities and the current state of Hip Hop, its do or die for Jarren. With the ability to KILL any competition that comes, his way he is destined to make it. Jarren Benton is the future of hip hop, a legend in the making. Be on the look out for this new “king of the south.” Don’t sleep or you will regret it.

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