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Born into a family of musicians, James Egbert started his journey as a mere toddler, performing for crowds of thousands before his 6th birthday. A prodigy on the drums with an uncanny ear for the construction of melodic movements, James has been involved in numerous highly successful music projects ever since – covering metal, pop, techno, modern rock, electronic genres in a big way.

At 18, James became a full-time professional musician as both a producer and engineer. After working in a prestigious Orange County recording studio, James decided to pick up life and relocate to Denver where he began focusing on electronic music production. In early 2009 James launched his own production company called Basemint Sound and has since seen dozens of his "for client" productions reach into the Top 50 iTunes Electronic charts, and even in the Top 100 iTunes Worldwide charts.

Having built himself such a reputable resume by the young age of 23, it's no coincidence that James Egbert's first confirmed gig after his crossover into the dance music world would bring him to play in front of thousands of people at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheatre's annual Global Dance Festival, sharing the stage with big names like Skrillex, Major Lazer, and Nero. His musical maturity is palpable within each of his productions, whether it's the complex electro house movements or the idea that they're intricately laced within beautifully melodic elements all in the same song. Going from zero to sixty in the EDM realm in just a couple of months, James' dance production growth over the next year is sure to be beyond exponential.

Bringing all of his musical experiences from his past into his present productions, James Egbert is solidifying his spot as one of 2011's most exciting producers and will be an artist to undoubtedly catch the eye of the industry in the days to come.

-Written by Jamesy's Mom <3

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