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Jail Socks is a three-piece band from Charlotte, North Carolina, signed to No Sleep Records and consisting of Jake Thomas, Colman O'Brien & Aidan Yoh. Jail Socks seemed to escape from nowhere and everywhere all at once. A band that could’ve been lumped into the umpteen named after clothing and discarded in the donation pile got traded up for something much larger. It’s in that breakout where this North Carolina trio found its core identity—a band born from heat exhaustion and excitable wanderlust—and a homegrown, dedicated fan community. After releasing No Promises and a split EP in 2018 to buzz-worthy fanfare across the country, the band’s back with It’s Not Forever, moreso a reaffirmation of their mission than a proper debut. It reaches into the thorns of hardcore, brushes against the aromatic lift of pop-punk, and gets misted by emo’s heady self-awareness to emerge atop a new wave of acerbic rock music. You’ll see the forest for the trees here.

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