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There are multiple artists with this name:

1) Inside Out was a band from Orange County, California, USA, active from 1988—1991. It was fronted by Zack de la Rocha, who later went on to front Rage Against the Machine. Inside Out released only one EP, 'No Spiritual Surrender' (1990) on Revelation Records. The band were part of the subculture. They played all over the West Coast and even toured the East Coast once before their breakup. After writing material for a second record, to be titled Rage Against the Machine, the band broke up when their guitarist, Vic DiCara, left the band to become a Hare Krishna monk and started 108, also briefly joining Burn.

2) Inside Out (NY) was a band from lower Westchester County in the late 1980's who released the Above All 7" on Noiseville Records. They also appear on the Sunday at the Anthrax DVD and played a reunion show in New York in 2010.

3) Inside Out (Detroit USA) are an all-female power trio who formed in 1985, and specialised in a brand of hardcore punk / grunge / psychedelia in the vein of female grunge bands such as Babes in Toyland and L7. They released a number of singles in the period 1990 - 93, along with 2 LPs. The singles were on Meantime Records, Icon Records and Anti-Music Records. The LPs were both released by Meantime Records. The band also recorded a Peel Session for Radio 1 DJ John Peel. They disbanded in 1995 but have recently re-formed and are gigging.

4) Inside Out is a Dutch formed in 2000. The choir is led by Clifton Grep and has a repertoire of black songs. In 2003 Inside Out released their first album Let the praise begin. Followed by Stronger in 2005 and the live recorded album Alive in You in 2008.
Three vocals of Inside Out ended between the last four candidates of the Dutch tv-contest Idols in 2008. One of them, Nikki, won the contest.

5) Inside out is an all male sextet formed in 1999.

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