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INDY & WICH (sometimes credited as Indy a Wich, Indy and Wich or Indy&Wich), veterans of the Czech hip-hop music scene. Started in the mid 1990's along with other Czech hh groups, like Peneri Strycka Homeboye (now just PSH). Through independent Czech Radio 1, Indy & Wich became known to a larger group of early Czech hh fans. Later, in the beginning of the new century, Czech hip-hop scene grew larger, including now the names such as SUPERCROO, BOW WAVE, PRAGO UNION. However, the scene is still dominated by the old school guys - rapper Andre and Dj Wich. Dj Wich is widely recognised producer. Around 2002-2003, Indy & Wich released their first album - a major success. One of the first "real hh albums" in CZ and SK amidst the still underground CZ-SK hh. In 2004 Wich released producers album "Time is now". Still one of the best compilations where Wich produced music and backgrounds also for other than CZ and SK rappers (Promoe from Swedish Looptroop, etc). In November-December 2006 the duo released their much awaited second joint album - Hadej kdo… Guys clearly show that while the quality of the Czech and Slovak hh gets… lets say… mediocre, Indy and his DJ keep their standards high. Wich continues to produce fat beats for crews like Kontrafakt, H16, La4 and others from the SK-CZ scene. He is also preparing his second album - The Golden Touch music, which will host famous US names, including Little Brother, Rasco or Kurupt.

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