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Hardcore band from

Justin Brannan - guitar,
Steve Bago - bass,
Pat Flynn - drums,
Tom Sheehan - vocals (93-98),
Rachel - guitar (97-00),
Artie Philie - vocals (98-00)

""Indecision formed in 1993. The band members – guitarists Justin Brannan and Rachel Rosen, drummer Pat Flynn, bassist Steve Bago and vocalist Tom Sheehan (who was replaced by Artie Phillie in 1998) – met while attending a Catholic high school in the Bay Ridge section of Brooklyn. Indecision played around in local clubs until the majority of the venues in their neighborhood closed down, then took a larger step and integrated themselves into the New York City hardcore scene. Relentless recording and touring kept the band relevant long after many groups from their time and space faded away. They issued a number of singles and three albums with Exit Records, Unorthodox, Most Precious Blood and To Live and Die in New York City, all of which showed off their slightly metal-tinged brand of positive hardcore (which managed to express anger and injustice without being hateful.) To Live and Die in New York City was their first album to feature Artie Phillie on vocals, but the album retained the straight-ahead style that their other releases possessed. In 1999 they tried their luck at another label, putting out Release the Cure on MIA Records. After touring through 2000, the band members burned out and felt it was time to call it quits. Indecision played their last show in El Paso, TX in May of 2000. Rachel and Justin went on to form Most Precious Blood.""
taken from

Dark / Doom Metal band from Melbourne, Australia.

Their sound could best be described as a combination of the following key influences: My Dying Bride, Metallica, Amorphis and Dream Theater. They played live several times in the Eastern Melbourne suburbs (Croydon, Lilydale, Templestowe, etc) and released a couple demo tapes and a live CD.

Beau - Vocals
James - Guitars
Paul - Guitars
Sean - Bass
Sam - Drums
David - Keyboards

They also had a violin player on some recordings and live shows, but parted way with her prior to splitting up. All band members were Christians at the time of being together, and their lyrics reflected this. They also managed to play some shows in Christian schools and churches.

In 1997 they recorded a demo tape entitled Storming The Gates, at The Bungalow (a recording studio run by a producer named Kool). It featured mostly instrumental songs and a couple drum solos. Rachel was on this lineup as the violinist.

Jam Band
Charlottesville, VA

Indecision made their official nightclub debut in 1984 at the Mineshaft Cellar in Charlottesville, Virginia. However, they began performing together in 1980 while attending high school, and in 1983 they began rehearsing regularly as "Indecision." Aaron Evans (guitar and vocals), David Ibbeken (guitar and vocals), Craig Dougald (drums and vocals), Shawn McCrystal (bass)Dan McCrystal (sound engineer), initially formed Indecision in Charlottesville, VA.

Doug Wanamaker (keyboards and vocals) performed with Indecision for about a year prior to officially joining in 1989. Chris White (acoustic guitar and vocals) also began sitting in with Indecision as early as 1987, and officially joined the band at the beginning of 1990 to complete Indecision's unique sound.

For the first several years, Indecision played primarily in Virginia, the Carolinas and the DC area, during which the band members attended college. By late 1989, Indecision was touring nationally and shared the stage with many excellent groups and musicians, including: The Neville Brothers, Phish, Widespread Panic, Blues Traveler, Dave Matthews Band, Jorma Kaukonen, Paul Barrere, Danny Gatton, Zero, Hootie and the Blowfish, The White Animals, Waxing Poetics, New Potato Caboose, Blue Dixie, Purple Schoolbus, Max Creek, The Connells, The Wailers, The Grapes, The Smithereens, All Good, Go Ahead, Living Earth, Blue Dogs, Freddie Jones Band, Marshal Crenshaw, The Feelies, David Alan Coe, Drivin' & Crying, Jupiter Coyote, and many others.

Indecision has released several recordings since the beginning. The first, titled Indecision, was released on vinyl in 1986. The second, titled Ponder Yonder (CD), was released in 1991 and the third, titled Reservoir (CD), was released in 1993. In 1996, Indecision released a live show at the Chameleon Club (CD) in Atlanta Georgia, produced by their digital media manager, Duncan Freeman. In September 2004, Indecision released its long awaited studio release, The Great Road (CD). Indecision followed-up the studio release with two digital download only releases in 2006 and 2007. The first was Black Water Sunday, a collection of live recordings in 2003 to 2004 from various venues in the Southeast. The second was Live: Volume One. Indecision continues to release live recordings and plans to return to the studio soon.

Indecision plays regularly. For more information, and for tour dates, please visit the following:

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  • 1984 – present (38 years)
  • Charlottesville, Virginia, United States
  • Aaron Evans Craig Dougald David Ibbeken Doug Wanamaker (1989 – present)
    Shawn McCrystal

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