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III : Sound Create Unit (pronounced 'Triple I') is Inti Creates's in-house sound team and publisher of several soundtracks and arrangements of Rockman games.

III is lead by sound producer and componist Ippo Yamada, who has been involved with all games of the Zero, ZX series and Rockman 9-10. The other composing team members change from game to game:

Luna Umegaki (Zero2-4, ZXA)
Masaki Suzuki (Zero2-4, ZX)
Tsutomu Kurihara (Zero2-3)
Chicken Mob (Zero2)
Shin'ichi Itakura (Zero4)
Ryo Kawakami (ZX, ZXA, RM9-10)
Koji Hayama (ZXA)
Yu Shimoda (RM9-10)
Hiroki Isogai (RM9-10)

There are a few other individuals and groups under the name III;

1) iii is an indie hip hop artist from Louisville, KY. Similar in style to Sage Francis and Atmosphere his songs contain emotional and observational lyrics. He currently has 4 albums available.

2) III is a noise project.

3) III is an Suicidal Black Metal band concisting Nacht(Vocals, guitars) howling from Holland. The band has not yet recorded an album. The music can be described as Depressive, Suicidal and emotional. This with combining some elements with odd instruments wich makes an unique sounds. Silencer is one of the great influences of this project. (wich can be found on the next page: )

4) III is/was also a rap group from San Jose, California. It consisted at least one member, but probably more.

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