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1) Hunting Lodge was one of the earliest diy electronic industrial bands in the 80s American underground.

In the early 1980’s Port Huron, Michigan gave birth to a musical collective of underground electronic artists. Spearheading this movement was the experimental/industrial band Hunting Lodge, founded by members Lon C Diehl and Richard Skott. Lon, a record store manager and B-movie enthusiast, came from the short-lived experimental band Hate/Grey while punk rock guitarist Skott cut his teeth on an earlier project called Screw Machine. In 1982, Lon and Skott launched S/M Operations. Initially a vehicle to release a magazine, S/M Operations became a DIY label for their own recordings. They also released music by noise artist Shame Exposure and outsider music legend John North Wright.

Lon always preferred showing the darker side of human emotions. The early days of Hunting Lodge found the band mining a very different and dark form of electronic angst. Heavily influenced by Throbbing Gristle, SPK, and other industrial chain-smokers , Hunting Lodge created their own blend of sonic assault.

Their first live appearance took place in September of 1982 at the Harrington Ballroom inside the Harrington Hotel, a building with a unique blend of Romanesque, Classical and Queen Anne architecture. This was the perfect setting for the layers of tribal rhythms and unearthly guttural screams that would fill the auditorium. The event was recorded on a portable cassette player and would become their first release.

2)"Hunting Lodge" was also a short-lived English noise rock band which released one album, “Energy Czar” in 2005.

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  • 1982 – present (41 years)
  • Port Huron, St. Clair County, Michigan, United States
  • Karl Nordstrom (1982 – 1983)
    Lon C. Diehl (1982 – present)
    Richard Skott (1982 – present)

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