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There is more than one artist using the name HipGnosis:

1. HipGnosis is a US electronic music producer, Eric Young. With several releases under his belt, he creates psychedelic music similar in style to artists such as Flying Lotus, Hudson Mohawke, Burial, Harmonic 313, Machine Drum, and others. Owing to both a sample-based and synthesis-based creation method, HipGnosis achieves a balance between organic sounds and processed digitalia, remaining ever smooth in the process. His music is often labeled as experimental hip-hop, glitch, IDM, and dubstep, but carries many influences from other genres.
Since 2001, Eric Young has released 9 albums through independent channels, featuring other talented artists collaborating on many of the projects. In addition to that, he is DJing, producing, mixing, and mastering for independent artists and labels worldwide. He is currently living in Des Moines, Iowa, and working on a new release as well as putting out quality DJ mixes regularly. HipGnosis also hosts a weekly internet radio show entitled "Between Zero and One with HipGnosis" on

2. The Polish band Hipgnosis has a seperate page at:

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