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Higher Brothers are a four-man rap group from China. The members of the group are 马思唯 (MaSiWei), 丁震 (DZ), 杨俊逸 (Psy.P), and 谢宇杰 (Melo).

They blend unique linguistic skills with a modern day rap influence they can only obtain via illegal online methods.

"Listening to rap music, or music from outside of China is a bit difficult in China, we have less resources due to the Chinese firewall. The real famous artists you definitely hear about, but the less known but still dope rappers are harder to hear about."

With a strong underground following in China, they broke onto the online viral scene with tracks like “Black Cab” and “BDKMD”.

Higher Brothers are notable as a high-profile rap group that has managed to avoid Chinese government censorship while still appealing to Western audiences, making this the first Chinese rap act to garner international success.

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